Luca Lilla

Luca Lilla är född 1993 och bor i helsingborg.

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Utbildning / Education I started the pedagogical university (ELTE - TÓK, Hungary) in September 2012 and finished it in January 2016. At that time I have got my diploma of Infant and Early Childhood Educator.
During the time I was learning at the university Ive had many subjects. These subjects are connecting to childrens development and well-being. Weve learnt all the essential things around kids also in practice. Weve visited hungarian nursery schools every week and worked there in few hours.
Erfarenhet/Work experience After the university I was working in a hungarian nursery school for 1,5 year. I worked there as an educator, 5 times a week in 8 hours. I took care of 12 children ( from 6 months old to 3 years old) that means I fed them or supporting them eating their own way, changed their diapers, taught the kids how to use the toilet alone and how to change their clothes. Beside these things I played (also in the yard), sang and made decorations with the children.

Above at all Ive been working as a babysitter for 6 years. At this time I was working with 5 families in different times. There were families where I spent 5 days in a week in 9 hours but at other families I worked once a week in 4-5 hours, also at night.
Children ages were various from 6 weeks old, to 10 months old, till 9 years old.
I fed little babies and cooked for older kids. Changed many diapers, bath the kids, walked with them and visited playgrounds.

Right now We have a one year old boy in the family and I help his mother every week when its needed, even at night. I took care of him since he was born.

Körkort/Drivers licence Nej/No
Max antal barn / Max number of children 3
Lägsta ålder / From age 0 månader / months
Flytande språk / Fluently speaking My mother tongue is Hungarian, but I also speak English and learn Swedish. Its getting better, I understand the most part when somebody talks to me and I can use simple sentences.
Allergier / Allergies Nej.
Övrigt / Other info Ive been living with my life partner for 5 years so household tasks are absolutely okey for me. I like to cook and bake cakes.

We have two animals: a dog and a lizard, therefore I get on well with pets. Because of my dog Im an active person, I like being outside, walk for hours and swim.

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